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Why Choose Cambrian

A Message to our C-Suite Visitors:

You have discovered your “YES” Team! Rely on us to be an actively engaged and collaborative partner to hospitals, insurance companies and referring agencies. With Cambrian, you have a caring and capable team ready to get the job promptly done well. You can be confident having entrusted caregiving to a company that reflects your ideals: reliable, responsive, flexible, data-driven with measurable outcomes and always collaborative.


Rhiannon Acree, owner and President of Cambrian Homecare, felt strongly that seniors were not getting the care she thought they deserved and established Cambrian Homecare, in 1996, to ensure the quality she believed important to the security and safety of the senior. In fact, she provided care for her Mam, (Welsh for Mom) for many years, making certain that Mam aged gracefully in place. Cambrian is a long standing member of the California Health Services at Home (CAHSAH) and Homecare Association of America. We live and work in the community, supporting, sponsoring and/or partnering with many agencies, organizations and health care providers.


You can speak to our Care Team anytime. A fully trained, friendly Cambrian representative will take your call, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week and help with your needs. Alternatively, you can email us or write us via this (hyperlink) to get things started.  


Together, we will discuss and decide upon the right care plan that will match your needs. Our plans are flexible. THERE ARE NO FIXED CONTRACTS. Cambrian Homecare has offices throughout Southern California so you may be just a short distance from the care you need.


At Cambrian Homecare, we understand the difficulty and discomfort of having a stranger in your home, even if they’re there to help you. Matching you or your loved one with the right Cambrian caregiver(s) is very important to us, and also for your peace-of-mind. We take into account the needs of the situation, but also the personality, the language, the social environment and even the sense of humor of the person in our care. Each person is different so we tailor our Service Plan to meet the needs of each individual. We’ll keep talking and working with you until we get it right for you.


Cambrian Caregivers are experienced in the wide range of skills needed to provide quality care, from the activities of daily living, bathing, ambulating, feeding and or light housekeeping and companionship. Additionally, our caregivers are trained in caring for specific diseases and concerns, for example:

  • Alzheimer’s clients
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Clients with Dementia
  • Post-hospitalization / post-surgery
  • Hospice/Palliative care
  • Bedbound, dependent clients
  • Respite care for Developmentally Disabled children to adults


Affordability is the key to success of your homecare experience. Our competitive hourly rates vary depending on the number of hours required, according to your service plan ~ the more hours you need, the less the hourly rate. We bill weekly for each hour of service provided by our Cambrian Caregivers.