Corporate Stewardship

Cambrian believes in giving back. Each year we work to develop relationships that share in our belief and support each other in our journeys.



HOPE’s mission is to create stable, affordable housing options for people with developmental disabilities. This allows for these individuals to live life as independently as possible with a place to call home. For many, a place to call home is life changing. Cambrian’s owner and President, Rhiannon Acree, serves on the Board of Directors for Hope and feels privileged to be a part of that change.


Long Beach Chamber 

The Long Beach Chamber of Commerce has been serving our community since 1891. Long Beach is home to hundreds of thriving businesses serving the community in the areas of technology, aerospace, trade, logistics, transportation, engineering, education, healthcare and more! Collaboration and community support are part of what makes Long Beach such a great city to be a part of. Cambrian’s owner and President, Rhiannon Acree serves on the Board of Directors of the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce working together to keep Long Beach proud.


Long Beach Rotary 

Serving the community since 1917, the Long Beach Rotary Club is filled with many opportunities for community service. Rhiannon is an active attendee, promoting the awareness and support of home care services. There are many  opportunities in the community to give back and help to raise awareness. Cambrian works to support many different community based organizations.


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Boy & Girls Scouts of America




Memorial Care


 Cleaning for a Reason


Ability First



MS Society


Power 4 Youth




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Client Testimonial

I am indeed grateful to the Cambrian services. How comforting to have a reliable person to care for me and my home. My mind is strong, my body is not, so there is Cambrian. Thank you Cambrian.- Betty P.








home care association



home care association