The Cambrian Homecare Story

The Cambrian Homecare Story


Cambrian Homecare began life in the early 1990s in Torrance as a provider of skilled services known as home health. In 1996, the company was formalized in Long Beach by its owner and president, Rhiannon Acree, R.N. Cambrian was established to offer choice – the choice to stay home as long as possible. Rhiannon learned as a child and later as a community nurse the importance of community support. Growing up, Rhiannon’s family would take her along to visit elderly or ill friends, family members, neighbors – community – when they were unable to get out as they used to. This was the way of the time and has become the “Cambrian way”.

Cambrian’s name is rooted history. Cambrian is the age of evolution from fossil life to life with a skeletal back bone. These fossils were found in the Cambrian Mountains in Wales. This time marked a dramatic burst of evolutionary changes in life on earth. Homecare is evolving and changing just as the needs of people, our Clients, evolve and change. Cambrian is leading the change.   

As a licensed provider through the California Department of Public Health, Cambrian has expanded the scope of our work to provide care for people and families in all five Southern California counties. Each and every day, Cambrian Homecare staff and caregivers take pride in finding solutions for all ages and are committed to providing:

  • The right caregiver
  • At the right place
  • At the right time
  • Doing the right thing

Cambrian Homecare is driven to provide caring and capable caregivers with solutions for all ages.


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Client Testimonial

I am indeed grateful to the Cambrian services. How comforting to have a reliable person to care for me and my home. My mind is strong, my body is not, so there is Cambrian. Thank you Cambrian.- Betty P.








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